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  • It is also defended by 10 orc soldiers (was 15 before the PCs got their hands on them) that are War1s but have an effective hp of 22 because of their orcish ferocity, AC 15, and attack with a greatsword at +5 for 2d6+4 points of damage.

    Quickie Mass Combat Rules « Geek Related

  • The death was regrettable…but Thura had not been part of it and so, with orcish practicality, she assumed that the spirit of Cenarius would have understood that, also.


  • He found himself staring up into a dark-skinned orcish face bending over his, with gorgeous paint, kind eyes, and wide, smiling lips curving over two small, sharp tusks.

    The Shattering

  • The slanting afternoon light caught the strong planes of her brown, so very orcish face.

    The Shattering

  • While some seemed unhappy, like Cairne and Eitrigg, most seemed to revive at the idea of returning to old orcish ways.

    The Shattering

  • He cut a striking figure of orcish power, muscular and proud, warming up for the fight with the mighty axe that had slain Mannoroth.

    The Shattering

  • Thrall grimaced; the orcish carpenters had tried hard to take a tauren physique into consideration when they had designed the chair but had obviously failed.

    The Shattering

  • It was leading him away from Orgrimmar, from the Horde, to a fierce and passionate young shaman named Aggra and the proud orcish ways she represented.

    The Shattering

  • All around him the druids were shifting into various forms to defend themselves—storm crow, diving and slicing at the orcish faces with razor-sharp talons; cat, with teeth and claws to rend and tear; and bear, the strongest of the bestial forms.

    The Shattering

  • “You call for a traditional fight, yet I, a tauren, understand your orcish traditions better than you!”

    The Shattering


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