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  • Looming no further back in the geological records than the Tertiary Period, the Oregon of that time looks altogether strange in the few suggestive glimpses we may get of it -- forests in which palm trees wave their royal crowns, and strange animals roaming beneath them or about the reedy margins of lakes, the oreodon, the lophiodon, and several extinct species of the horse, the camel, and other animals.

    Steep Trails


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  • Ooh! I'll have some! As long as I won't have to visit the oreodontist afterwards.

    September 9, 2008

  • A prehistoric mammal that was overly fond of chocolate, creme-filled sandwich cookies.

    Or, if you'd rather listen to the OED, "A former genus (now included in the genus Merycoidodon) of extinct pig-sized ruminant mammals of the family Oreodontidae, having four toes on each foot and selenodont teeth, the remains of which are found in Middle Tertiary rocks in the western United States; (also) an animal of this genus. Later chiefly in Oreodon beds: strata containing fossils of these animals."

    Isn't the cookie definition better, now? Be honest. And consider the fact that "Most researchers in paleobiology and paleontology now use the antecedent genus Merycoidodon to refer to this Oligocene epoch oreodont. The name "Oreodon" is actually a synonym of the fish genus Orodus, and is, thus, not a valid scientific name." (Wikipedia)

    Who wants Double-Stufs?!

    September 9, 2008