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  • n. the state of being ornery

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  • n. meanspirited disagreeable contrariness


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  • Compounding my orneriness was the undeniable fact that my parents stayed married for twenty-four years, probably about four too many.

    Good-Enough Mother

  • It requires some new kind of orneriness to take Che's famous image

    New York Press

  • The union is saved partly thanks to the intervention of Père Jules Michel Simon, unforgettable, an impish old salt whose eccentricity and orneriness are matched only by his compassion and wisdom.

    Brief Glimpse of Brilliance From an Abbreviated Life

  • My Granny Gallaway fought pancreatic cancer, too, and lasted a year past her prognosis out of sheer orneriness.

    funeral food | Homesick Texan

  • In "Tom and Jack" 2009 by Henry Adams profiles the fascinating relationship between Pollock and his teacher, the American Regionalist Thomas Hart Benton, whose novel theories of composition and sheer orneriness provided models for both Pollock's art and public persona.

    A Painter in Her Own Right

  • We're seen as waving the battle flag in front of the African-American population out of orneriness, race and hate, James says.

    Confederate group fights for state specialty plates

  • Whether due to fatigue, pressure, or sheer orneriness, Schwarzkopf erred repeatedly on issues of primary importance, a tendency that became especially evident as Operation Desert Storm wound down.

    Between War and Peace

  • With adorable orneriness she fights off his unctuous advances and stands up to his redneck violence.

    James Scarborough: Tennessee Williams' Baby Doll at the Elephant Theatre Company in Hollywood

  • Bigeard speaks to us of a necessary honesty in our own defeats yet unacknowledged: Of how we might rediscover and even treasure the best of ourselves in the midst of our own foolish and self-created chaos of bad decisions, orneriness, narcissism, and stubborn denial.

    Michael Vlahos: Mon General McChrystal

  • The music industry may be a relatively small piece of the American business landscape, but it has been disproportionately populated by "characters" larger-than-life figures whose brashness, orneriness or just plain nuttiness have made for entertaining reading.

    Trying to Find The Right Beat


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