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  • adj. Tending to grow or form along a vertical axis.
  • adj. Of or relating to a bridge deck consisting of steel plates supported by ribs underneath.

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  • adj. growing vertically, either upwards or downwards
  • adj. adjective for orthotropics, e.g., "An orthotropic appliance is one used in orthotropic (facial growth guidance) treatment."

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Having the longer axis vertical; -- said of erect stems.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In botany, of or pertaining to or exhibiting orthotropism; growing vertically.


ortho- + -tropic (Wiktionary)


  • Last, and usually least in effectiveness in my arsenal, are orthotropic substances (in the form of little pills and capsules) commonly known as vitamins or food supplements.

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  • New exact solutions for free vibrations of rectangular thin plates. pdf New exact solutions for free vibrations of thin orthotropic rectangular plates. pdf Closed form solutions for free vibrations of rectangular Mindlin plates. pdf I did not find in your article what you mean "novel separation of variables" and also any result which has been obtained "for the first time"!

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  • Important steps are non-linear, strong orthotropic Finite Element Analysis and crash simulation.


  • For example, is the material isotropic or orthotropic?

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  • Anyone knows the equations for solving orthotropic plates by Navier method.

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  • Navier equations for orthotropic plates (analytical solution)

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  • The trace elements supplied are iron, copper, zinc, manganese, boron; Ind molybdenum, which have been listed above: Sterameal has a main shoot and two lateral orthotropic shoots.

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  • TALAT Lecture 2301 Design of Members Shear Force Example 6.7: Shear force resistance of orthotropic plate.

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  • Vehicular bridge CÇu cho xe ch¹y Vehicular gap Qu·ng trèng gi÷a hai xe Vehicular load on ribs of orthotropic T¶i träng xe trªn s­ên cña mÆt cÇu thÐp steel decks trùc h­íng 146 of 157

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  • Erection load T¶i träng xe « t« vËn t¶i Truck loading, Truck load Vehicular load on ribs of orthotropic steel T¶i träng xe trªn s­ên cña mÆt cÇu thÐp trùc h­íng decks T¾c èng n­íc, nót bÞt èng Water stop T¾c nghÏn ho¹t ®éng trªn tuyÕn Operational bottlenecks on the line T¾c te Igniter T¹o ra øng suÊt cùc ®¹i trong cÊu kiÖn Produce the maximum stress in the member Ta r«

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