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  • n. In base-ball, lawnbowls, basket-ball, and similar games, a curve toward the left hand made by a ball delivered by the right; the reverse of in-curve.


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  • As Mathewson said in a 1912 magazine article, In Honesdale, there was a left-handed pitcher named Williams who could throw an out-curve to a right-handed batter.


  • Quote: “Cummings, Tommy Bond, Terry Larkin and others developed the out-curve, but not before 1870.”

    The Neyer/James Guide To Pitchers

  • The out-curve can be produced either with a fast ball or a slow one.

    Outdoor Sports and Games

  • It may be said to guide the beginner that the method of producing curves varies greatly with different pitchers, but that in general the out-curve is produced by grasping the ball with the first and second fingers and the thumb.

    Outdoor Sports and Games

  • [Illustration: The in-curve] [Illustration: The out-curve]

    Outdoor Sports and Games

  • The three general classes of curved balls used to-day are the out-curve, the in-curve, and the drop.

    Outdoor Sports and Games

  • The grip of the ball for the drop is very similar to the out-curve, but in delivery the hand is brought almost directly over the shoulder.

    Outdoor Sports and Games

  • And he demonstrated for his English friend's benefit the way the ball is held to produce an out-curve.

    The Boy Scout Aviators

  • An out-curve should be pitched just out of his reach; being so near where he wants it, it will draw him out and he will make every movement, except the swing of the bat, as in hitting.

    Base-Ball How to Become a Player

  • If an out-curve is coming, he should be ready to move out, or if an in-curve, or fast, straight ball, he should be ready to step in.

    Base-Ball How to Become a Player


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