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  • n. A navel that protrudes from the abdomen.


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out +‎ -ie


  • Perhaps we've paid for our immortality in a thousand other ways, perhaps we would be content to die if we knew for a fact what lay beyond the shadow of life, but endless time is a gift, and whatever limitations of the godlike condition sidetrack us into wasting millions of years in idle 'innie* and' outie 'contempla - tion, we have the ability to expand beyond those limitations, because we have time.

    An East Wind Coming

  • Kids on the playground like to use the words innie and outie to describe their belly buttons, but if an outie is a “way outie,” that’s called an umbilical hernia pictured here.

    You Raising Your Child

  • If you have an "outie," you get a pass on this, but what if you have an "innie?" Stories

  • The only way that one could argue that homosexuality is unnatural would be to say that it is uncommon, by which token albinos, those with birth defects, and those with "outie" belly-buttons are all unnatural.

    Progressive Bloggers

  • That woman had a very distinctive navel - what is affectionately called an "outie".

    The Border Mail

  • It can also transform the unpopular 'outie' into the increasingly trendy 'innie.'


  • That longer "outie" piece snaps into the whole of another piece.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • They have a hole on one end and an "outie" piece on the other.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • "While most of us have an 'outie' or an 'innie', has a smooth indentation (although sometimes a tummy button is airbrushed onto her photos

    Tabloid Edition

  • Save the clothing removal for a time when you know whether or not he/she is emotionally stable and/or doesn't have webbed toes/a weird outie bellybutton.

    Meredith Fineman: Fifty First (J)Dates: 5 Places You Should NEVER Go on a First Date.


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