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  • verb transitive To render no longer fashionable.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • verb make unfashionable, outdated, or obsolete


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

out- +‎ mode


  • The Baker Wind Turbine not only has a wider range of operation but also produces more power at any given wind speed than a propeller driven wind mill and therefore the new turbine wind energy technology should rightfully outmode the old propeller driven windmill technology.

    A Wind Turbine for Every Rooftop?

  • Indeed, as Gould points out, the digital facsimiles of basic human activities "chatting," "befriending," even "poking" oftentimes seem poised to outmode the actual physical acts on which they were originally modeled!

    A mere simulacrum of friendship :(

  • Did I realize that Canon has it in their best corporate interest to continue selling technology that they will outmode until the last possible moment without warning the consumer?

    More Apple « BuzzMachine

  • SUZANNE MALVEAUX, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Heidi, they're really in full outmode damage control at this point.

    CNN Transcript Oct 2, 2006

  • The notion was not even entertained that an equilibrium between contending forces might set in, that the subsequent evolution of both contenders under the impact of this equilibrium could alter their distinguishing characteristics and therefore outmode the original Leninist theorems.

    Interpretations of American History

  • The rishis gave forth treatises on all subjects with such insight that ages have been powerless to outmode them; yet, to the subsequent consternation of historians, the sages made no effort to attach their own dates and personalities to their literary works.

    Autobiography of a Yogi

  • But in a way, it is like flying cars - it is way more complicated than what is current there, and way more complex than most people need - and would entirely outmode every type of music player in existance.


  • This simple era was back before anybody had heard about Street Fighter II, the game that would singlehandedly outmode the 2D brawler market.

    Gaming Nexus

  • But the burgeoning mass of data on the Internet is threatening to outmode such robotic tools.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg

  • The answer is the advancement of science with new inventions that they can’t control (their economy) that would outmode the use of fossil fuels for energy (their product).

    A Wind Turbine for Every Rooftop?


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