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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of snow.


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  • Patricia still in snowed-under northwestern Virginia.

    pressé - French Word-A-Day

  • This week it snowed, which is a very rare occurance for December first time in 20 years, which caused some disturbance to my packing plan.

    Christmas Cranberry Chocolate Roulade

  • Sitting on the beach Monday, under several layers of towels and blankets, he said he could not resist calling his snowed-in colleagues in New York and rubbing it in - sort of.

    NYT > Home Page

  • (Bog) * Habs will "set the tone" by placing the flag-waving kid somewhere he can't get "snowed" by Alex Ovechkin, which probably accomplishes nothing except disappoint a kid who wants to stand near Alex Ovechkin.

    Alexander Semin and the empty net

  • I say 'snowed' but the reason actually given was 'sludge on the pitch'.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • I attempted to point this out in the diary but it kind of snowed under.

    The Wikipedia Spaghetti Graph and the Hockey Team « Climate Audit

  • And it must be confessed that few, seeing the appetite the boy brought to his plate of cold turkey and "snowed" potato, would have suspected him of longing for a "crust of bread and a drink of cold water."

    An Australian Lassie

  • It was now the middle of May, the period at which she wished to see how her apple-trees had "snowed," a saying of that region which expressed the effect produced beneath the trees by the falling of their blossoms.

    The Jealousies of a Country Town

  • I hope that the public and mainstream media is not "snowed" by Lester Snow's claims of a

    Indybay newswire

  • They have been 'snowed' by Rudd and Wong into casting aside their principles for personal and political, and perhaps financial gain! - Comments


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