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  • n. A planet that is remote from the homeworld of a civilization


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  • Let me know when you're next up for an outworld night.

    Rhine and Courtesan

  • You have to understand, "the gopher told him," that if we let this sort of thing persist and word of it spread 'round the outworld, before too long we'd have mobs of sunlifers down here destroying all our public thoroughfares, our roads, and our very homes.

    A Corridor in the Asylum

  • Somewhere deep within was that most guarded center by which the Zaran female would bond in a Oneness beyond other species, and by which Sola, with her inheritance and her outworld training, would bond in a way known to no other Zaran female.


  • “I could swear Beverly once said something about treating people from a Romulan outworld.”

    Death in Winter

  • It was why she had sent her best operative, the half-blood, to Kevratas—the outworld where the currents of rebellion ran the strongest.

    Death in Winter

  • But not one of this features will help much if Second Life as a whole - the client software and the support structures inworld and outworld - will not become easier to use for the newbie!

    Archive 2005-11-01

  • Clearly not expecting that one lone outworld archer could outfire them, the villagers had retreated.


  • With the part of his brain that still seemed able to observe and analyze, Sulu found himself wondering if this had originally been nothing more than a mine on an outworld colony until the Gorn had stumbled across some kind of natural dimensional rift that allowed them to create their interstellar transport system.

    The Janus Gate: Future Imperfect

  • His fine words and whistles encompassed them all, from outworld visitors to their resolute Willow-Wane hosts.

    Diuturnity's Dawn

  • He was proud of the modern materials and construction techniques used in the facility, which made it unique among outworld prisons.



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