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  • n. A chamber or enclosed compartment for heating, baking, or roasting food, as in a stove, or for firing, baking, hardening, or drying objects, as in a kiln.

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  • n. A chamber used for baking or heating.

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  • n. A place arched over with brick or stonework, and used for baking, heating, or drying; hence, any structure, whether fixed or portable, which may be heated for baking, drying, etc.; esp., now, a chamber in a stove, used for baking or roasting.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To bake in an oven.
  • To inclose; muffle up in an oven.
  • n. A chamber or receptacle in which food is cooked by the heat radiated from the walls, roof, or floor.
  • n. In general, any inclosed chamber adapted to or used for applying heat to raw materials or to articles in process of manufacture.
  • n. A furnace.
  • n. An oven-bird or its nest.
  • n. In bacteriology, a compartment which can be heated and maintained at a temperature sufficient to sterilize glassware and various bacteriological apparatus. Also hot-air sterilizer.

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  • n. kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Old English ofen.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English oven, from Old English ofen, ofn.


  • These cakes should he baked in a moderately hot oven and not a _hot oven_.

    Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes Compiled during Her Visit among the "Pennsylvania Germans"

  • Toaster oven• Don’t overfill your oven when using it to cook.

    Tip of the day: Use your small appliances during the holidays

  • That "HEEB" on the oven is short for "Hebrew," which is a derogatory term for Jews, like the "N" word.

    Latest Articles

  • Empanadas, or pastry turnovers, can also be stuffed with vegetables, and are especially good in cooler weather, when something from the oven is a big hit with hungry diners.

    Mexican vegetable dishes: some fall favorites

  • A keeper, magnificent in its simplicity especially on nights when the oven is already hot.

    A Veggie Venture

  • Should absorption not take place - if, for example, the oven is activated when empty, some energy will re-enter the waveguide and cause over-heating of the magnetron.

    Boing Boing: January 23, 2005 - January 29, 2005 Archives

  • I and many people I know often rely on what I call oven meals when we are short on time.


  • Then, in the beginning of September, they had ptomaine poisoning from meat which had been too long in what they called the oven, which was a biscuit box, hung over the blubber stove, into which they placed the frozen meat to thaw it out.

    The Worst Journey in the World Antarctic 1910-1913

  • For example, if a reader commented as sometimes happens that I should stick my head in an oven, the word 'oven' would automatically link to an online dealer of kitchen appliances. Top Stories

  • The heat of the oven is an intense heat, especially as it is here described; he that heats it stirs up the fire, and ceases not from raising it up, till the bread is ready to be put in, being kneaded and leavened, all which only signifies that they are like an oven when it is at the hottest; nay, when it is too hot for the baker (so the learned Dr. Pocock), when it is hotter than he would have it, so that the raiser up of the fire ceases as long as while the dough that is kneaded is in the fermenting, that the heat may abate a little.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume IV (Isaiah to Malachi)


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