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  • n. An enclosed vessel in which water is heated and circulated, either as hot water or as steam, for heating or power.
  • n. A container, such as a kettle, for boiling liquids.
  • n. A storage tank for hot water.

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  • n. An apparatus that generates heat (usually by burning fuel) and uses it to heat circulating water (or sometimes another liquid) in a closed system that is then used for space heating, swimming pool heating, or domestic hot water or industrial processes.
  • n. Less commonly, a hot water heater.
  • n. A fuel burning apparatus in which water is boiled to produce steam for space heating, power generation, or industrial processes. (more precisely) An apparatus in which a heat source other than a hot liquid or steam (most commonly burning fuel, exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine or gas turbine, waste heat from a process, solar energy or electricity) is used to boil water (or rarely another liquid), under pressure to provide steam (or other gas) for use as a heat source in calorifiers, heat exchangers or heat emitters, or for use directly for humidification, in an industrial process, or to power steam turbines.
  • n. A kitchen vessel for steaming or boiling food.
  • n. Boilerplate.

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  • n. One who boils.
  • n. A vessel in which any thing is boiled.
  • n. A strong metallic vessel, usually of wrought iron plates riveted together, or a composite structure variously formed, in which steam is generated for driving engines, or for heating, cooking, or other purposes.
  • n. A sunken reef; esp., a coral reef on which the sea breaks heavily.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A person who boils.
  • n. A vessel in which anything is boiled.
  • n. A strong metallic structure in which steam is generated for driving engines or for other purposes. See steam-boiler.
  • n. Something, as a vegetable, that is suitable for boiling.
  • n. A small isolated reef or atoll below water.
  • n. A boiler whose cross-section is an oval or an ellipse.
  • n. A boiler made up of a number of tubes in which steam is generated; a water-tube boiler.

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  • n. sealed vessel where water is converted to steam
  • n. a metal pot for stewing or boiling; usually has a lid


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boil +‎ -er

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Shortening of boilerplate


  • To do away with the confusion resulting from an indefinite meaning of the term boiler horse power, the Committee of Judges in charge of the boiler trials at the Centennial Exposition, 1876, at Philadelphia, ascertained that a good engine of the type prevailing at the time required approximately 30 pounds of steam per hour per horse power developed.

    Steam, Its Generation and Use

  • This recommendation has been generally accepted by American engineers as a standard, and when the term boiler horse power is used in connection with stationary boilers [58] throughout this country, [59] without special definition, it is understood to have this meaning.

    Steam, Its Generation and Use

  • The term boiler horse power, therefore, is clearly a measure of evaporation and not of power.

    Steam, Its Generation and Use

  • Pope's gang stole the identity, history and shareholder base of dormant, publicly trading companies in America before coldcalling investors using "high pressure and misleading sales techniques", in what is known as a "boiler room" scam.

    UK pensioners conned out of savings in £100m fraud

  • All you need to make a double boiler is a mixing bowl (preferably glass/pyrex or metal) and a saucepan that the bowl will fit on top of.

    How to make a double boiler | Baking Bites

  • Trying to explain boiler start ups or shut downs is commendable.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » More on Wind

  • While the water in the bottom of the double-boiler is coming to a boil, mix together the eggs, sugar and cocoa in the top half, of the (cold) double-boiler and then place it onto the bottom.

    2009 December « Mudpuddle

  • This morning a Mantao employee answered the phone and said that their boiler is broken and they are waiting for the landlord to fix it.

    Twitter is the Latest Tool in DOH Cover Ups | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan

  • It turns out that right next to the basement room where the existing boiler is located, there is another sizable unused room perfectly suited to house that storage tank.

    So you want your Condo to go GREEN?

  • A double boiler is basically a bowl sitting over (not touching) simmering water.

    Archive 2008-08-01


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  • (n.) Moonshiners' term for the container in which mash is initially cooked or heated. Also called a "pot."

    August 26, 2009

  • a derogatory term for a woman of loose morals

    June 13, 2009