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  • adj. Excessively conscientious.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From over- +‎ conscientious.


  • Arthur Buie of the Mayo Clinic said that after draft officials got over being choosy and started sending along pilonidal cyst cases, "overconscientious" Army & Navy surgeons began operating on all cysts, even uninfected "dimples."

    TIME.com: Top Stories

  • The Lensmand was no tyrant, but shallow, and not overconscientious.

    The Growth of the Soil

  • Perhaps a lingering uneasiness about it - he was such a worrier, she often thought, such an overconscientious darling - struck through when Wang added, "Of course, you assume those things we knew will be there still."


  • As the saying goes, if a man takes office without meeting with the proper time, or is overconscientious in discharging his duties, or serves another without entering into his schemes,8 the reason is poverty.

    Han Shih Wai Chuan

  • School girls naturally divide into fairly well-defined classes: the girl who is overanxious or overconscientious about her work, the girl who intends to comply with rules but has no special anxiety about results, and the girl who habitually takes chances in evading the preparation of lessons.

    Vocational Guidance for Girls

  • Eleanor, thanks to the overconscientious digging about her roots, was acquiring a New England self-consciousness about her processes.

    Turn About Eleanor

  • Here was the “tallish old boy, nagged to a rag, overworked, overconscientious.”

    More Work for the Undertaker

  • Housewife, hyperæsthetic type of, 51 non-domestic type of, 61 overconscientious type of, 53 overemotional type of, 57 physically ill, 69 previously neurotic, 65 types predisposed to nervousness, 47-73

    The Nervous Housewife

  • Especially is this true of the overæsthetic, overconscientious types described in Chapter III.

    The Nervous Housewife

  • The other type of the overconscientious does definite harm to themselves.

    The Nervous Housewife


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