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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overrefine.
  • adj. Refined to an excessive degree

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  • adj. excessively delicate or refined


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  • The food engineers who thought up white bread took the wheat, pounded it into overrefined flour, blasted out all the good nutrients, erased any trace of fiber, and mashed and molded the pale, mealy result into a soft, malleable slice or all-too-aptly-shaped hot-dog or hamburger or hoagie holder.


  • It called out pasta, cereal, and overrefined grains as particularly recommended, failing to make too much of the fact that those foods are often stripped of their natural nutrients, and doused with sugars during processing.


  • I don't find any of his work overrefined or affected or delicate.

    "U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had surgery today for pancreatic cancer."

  • At dinner, they ate as they had before, although in time Bittman found that even his evening meals came to include more "vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains and less meat, sugar, junk food, and overrefined carbohydrates."

    thoughts on the minimalist and "vegan until six"

  • Dr. Moreau forbids violence (but uses it to subjugate his half-animal "" children ''), doesn't eat meat (like Hitler, he's a vegetarian) and speaks with a plummy, overrefined English accent that seems taken from Robert Morley.

    Brando Plays God

  • Rich as Christmas pudding, the dirt beneath their feet allowed the emigrés—some bored with overrefined Richmond or Charleston, some younger sons with no prospects, some poor white trash looking for the big score—to write their fantasies on the tabula rasa of Florida.

    Dream State

  • I like the way the word sounds, and the look of the double o's in both words--"Bloof Books"--and that its personality is not fraught, overrefined, or frou frou.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • I did my best with this hearty stuff, but yellow wine was the only drink that suited my perhaps overrefined palate.

    The Skrayling Tree

  • Its manufacturer, refusing to bow to the trend towards simple automatic cameras, continued to produce a technological top product, and thus overrefined it to such an extent that it became too sophisticated and expensive for anyone except a small circle of camera cranks.

    Eurosclerosis: Fact or Fiction?

  • “If appearance and taste lose something here, health gains, and the bourgeois garners the advantages of enjoying a diversity of foods at small expense and of avoiding the indispositions consequent upon an overrefined style of cooking une cuisine trop recherchée.”

    Savoring The Past


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