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  • adj. Excessively elaborate.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ elaborate


  • Duffy is loath to draw overelaborate conclusions based on what he calls these “traces of lives.”

    Life in the Margins

  • Instead of coming up with an overelaborate directorial concept that obscures the plain meaning of the text, Mr. Plummer is content to cloak his well-chosen cast in a riotous medley of mismatched costumes, some of which look as though they came from the cantina scene in “Star Wars,” and the rest from “Only Angels Have Wings.”

    Pericles’ Excellent Adventures

  • Benfy contrast, saddles his Crane biography with the overelaborate thesis that Crane "lived his life backwards": writing its events, then acting them out.


  • Think of Burton's movie as an overelaborate dessert: there's too much whipped cream on top, but once you get down to the pie it's pretty darn sweet.

    Reeling In A 'Fish'

  • According to a person "closely involved in the events", wrote Peel--and I suspect the "person" was probably Wardle--Cowper-Coles "didn't overelaborate, but he spelt out in very clear terms, in specifics, what he believed the consequences would be ... including that people could die".

    Sunday, July 01, 2007

  • “I see,” said I — for Mr. Brisher is apt to overelaborate his jokes.

    Twelve Stories and a Dream, by H. G. Wells

  • How funny do you think Bob is trying to be, with his subtly overelaborate locutions and his poker face?

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • Some of Calatrava's coprofessionals have cast a skeptical eye on what they see as his tendency to overelaborate his designs and obfuscate the underlying structure.

    The Bird Man

  • Denno looked at her in surprise, but she knew it was useless to tell him, just as it was useless to tell the French ambassador that his overelaborate bows and flowery speech were annoying rather than impressive.

    Ill Met By Moonlight

  • OK, it wasn't truly atrocious I'm talking about KJ Erickson's The Dead Survivors but it's pretty poorly constructed, quite meandering, and vexed with a ridiculously overelaborate plot.

    Archive 2004-11-01


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