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  • n. Excessive consumption


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ consumption


  • But the more Americans obey these orders, the worse things look for China in the short run, since American overconsumption is exactly what has kept those Chinese factories a-hum.

    China's Way Forward

  • The real problem with the big-screen televisions is that, like Hummers or McMansions, they offend the sensibilities of many in California's political class, to whom the notion of overconsumption is sinful.

    City Journal

  • We've seen evidence lately that "overconsumption" is at least as often caused by doctors ordering extra tests and procedures to bump up their profits.

    The Cato Institute's Daffy Health Care Ideas

  • Imagine what the totals are for the Western world combined: Scary and revealing stuff that makes the word "overconsumption" seem like a gross understatement.

    Peak Food: Blaming the Victims

  • In dismissing the idea of overconsumption they say: “But the overall level of consumption is not the source of the problem.

    Herman Daly Festschrift~ The world is in over-shoot and what to do about it

  • • Do you agree that "overconsumption" is now a dirty word?

    Marketing Profs Daily Fix

  • Agreed that in today's economy, "overconsumption" and "excess" are now dirty words, for a number of reasons.

    Marketing Profs Daily Fix

  • The idea is to toggle the 'overconsumption' box in yellow in the lower chart above to the 'sustainable consumption' box in the upper chart above, in such a way as it causally flips the entire lower chart to the upper chart, and, voila -- we're saved.

    How to Save the World

  • The very names of these drinks alone can—in spite of any cognitive damage provoked by their overconsumption—resuscitate all-too-vivid memories of specific social occasions.

    The English Is Coming!

  • All U.S. states have separated the production, distribution and retail sales of alcohol in some way since Prohibition ended in 1933, part of an effort to limit overconsumption and anticompetitive practices.

    Cash Pours Into Booze Brawl


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