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  • n. The process of becoming eutrophic.

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  • n. excessive nutrients in a lake or other body of water, usually caused by runoff of nutrients (animal waste, fertilizers, sewage) from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life; the decomposition of the plants depletes the supply of oxygen, leading to the death of animal life


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  • The phenomenon, called eutrophication, is caused by industrial pollution as well as runoff of water containing phosphates and nitrates into the oceans.

    Ocean ‘Dead Zones’ Expanding Worldwide | Disinformation

  • The introduction of high levels of nutrients into a system not adapted to them causes pollution (called eutrophication in this case), whereas the introduction of the same nutrients into a system that is adapted to them (i.e., marshes and swamps) would be a positive input.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 3

  • These sudden blooms of algae trigger a process called eutrophication in which local waters become starved of oxygen and devoid of life.


  • This has led to a process called eutrophication, in which the additional nutrients stimulate rapid growth of phytoplankton -- microscopic free-floating marine plants.


  • This process, known as eutrophication, can effectively kill the body of water.

    Mexico Connect Latest Articles

  • This over-enrichment, known as eutrophication, causes numerous environmental problems, eventually devastating coastal environments. News

  • Such dramatic events increase both in frequency and extension as a consequence of eutrophication, which is mainly related to the increase in population density and activities in the lagoon watershed.

    Featured Articles - Encyclopedia of Earth

  • Excessive nitrogen flows to the bay are blamed by scientists for fueling blooms of microscopic plants and driving a process called eutrophication that is altering the bay's basic ecosystem, to the detriment of native fish and wildlife.


  • The golf course could mean extra nutrients which can cause a cascade of effects known as eutrophication and algal blooms.

    Kootenay Rockies - News

  • This process is known as eutrophication, and occurs today in coastal areas and lakes that receive abundant runoff from fertilizers used in farming.

    NASA Earth Observatory


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  • (水体)富营养化

    December 6, 2010

  • "There is evidence that the effluent that is pumped back into local water streams does affect their chemical composition and aquatic life. In extreme cases, the result can be something called eutrophication, which occurs when a higher concentration of nutrients results in algae blooms."

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    October 3, 2008