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  • n. The process of becoming eutrophic.

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  • n. excessive nutrients in a lake or other body of water, usually caused by runoff of nutrients (animal waste, fertilizers, sewage) from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life; the decomposition of the plants depletes the supply of oxygen, leading to the death of animal life


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  • The phenomenon, called eutrophication, is caused by industrial pollution as well as runoff of water containing phosphates and nitrates into the oceans.

    Ocean ‘Dead Zones’ Expanding Worldwide | Disinformation

  • The introduction of high levels of nutrients into a system not adapted to them causes pollution (called eutrophication in this case), whereas the introduction of the same nutrients into a system that is adapted to them (i.e., marshes and swamps) would be a positive input.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 3

  • These sudden blooms of algae trigger a process called eutrophication in which local waters become starved of oxygen and devoid of life.


  • This has led to a process called eutrophication, in which the additional nutrients stimulate rapid growth of phytoplankton -- microscopic free-floating marine plants.


  • This process, known as eutrophication, can effectively kill the body of water.

    Mexico Connect Latest Articles

  • This over-enrichment, known as eutrophication, causes numerous environmental problems, eventually devastating coastal environments. News

  • Such dramatic events increase both in frequency and extension as a consequence of eutrophication, which is mainly related to the increase in population density and activities in the lagoon watershed.

    Featured Articles - Encyclopedia of Earth

  • Excessive nitrogen flows to the bay are blamed by scientists for fueling blooms of microscopic plants and driving a process called eutrophication that is altering the bay's basic ecosystem, to the detriment of native fish and wildlife.


  • The golf course could mean extra nutrients which can cause a cascade of effects known as eutrophication and algal blooms.

    Kootenay Rockies - News

  • This process is known as eutrophication, and occurs today in coastal areas and lakes that receive abundant runoff from fertilizers used in farming.

    NASA Earth Observatory

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