Frequently Asked Questions

Words and Definitions

How do I add a word or add my own definition to a word?

To add a word to Wordnik, simply look it up! If we haven't seen the word before, we'll add it to our database and start tracking it.

To add a definition to a word, log in, and add your definition in the comments. We don't yet have a way to 'promote' user definitions to the Definitions block at the top of the entry page, but we hope to make this possible soon.

Your definition is wrong!

Our definitions are drawn from other published sources, and we don't edit them (although we will try to pass the correction along to projects that are still being actively updated). If you see a definition that seems to be matched with the wrong word, please email us at and let us know so we can fix it!

Why can't I play this word in my word game? Why is this offensive word showing up in my word game?

The Wordnik dictionary API is used by many word games, but Wordnik does not create any word game sites or apps.

We strongly recommend that word game developers use our Game Developer's Dataset, which filters out offensive words and is intended for use in word games.

If you'd like a game you play to use Wordnik's data, just email us at with a link to the game, and we'll reach out!

User Accounts

Help! I just signed up, but when I try to log in I get an error message that says 'Something went terribly wrong!'!

Don't panic! This happens when the confirmation link we sent you wasn't clicked before you tried to log in. Please check your spam filter for the email, and click the link. If you didn't get a confirmation email, please email us at

I think another user is spamming in the comments.

Thanks for helping us keep Wordnik fun! If you see a spammy comment, please click the icon on the comment, or email us at

The site is constantly asking me to log in!

Usually this kind of issue has to do with cookies. If you can clear your cookies in your browser, please do so (instructions for many browsers are here). If you are still having trouble, please email us at

Do you sell any user data or information?

Wordnik will never sell any personal user data, and we do not share your user data with other organizations, or use it for marketing purposes. Unless you have opted-in to regular emails from us (such as our word-of-the-day email) you will only get an annual email from us to remind you that you still have a Wordnik user account, or required notification emails (for example, to notify you of changes to our terms of service). If you have questions about how we use your user data, please see our privacy policy, or email us at

Example Sentences

You have an example sentence that is for the wrong word (or includes a typo, or is otherwise not great).

Thanks for letting us know! Please email us at and we'll see if we can delete it. (We do not edit example sentences.)

You have an example sentence that shares embarrassing or inaccurate personal information about me. How can I ask for it to be deleted?

Thanks for letting us know! Please email us at with a link to the word page where the example appears and we'll delete it.


One of my Flickr images is showing up on Wordnik without my preferred attribution. Can you change it?

Wordnik uses the Flickr API to populate the images on our word pages. All images have hovertext with the image title and link directly to the Flickr page where the image and attribution can be found. Unfortunately, the Flickr API does not allow for custom attributions, including custom links. We follow recommended practices for CC-BY attribution by linking to the place where an attribution can be found. We would love to be able to do more direct attribution! We encourage you to reach out to the Flickr API to suggest adding an attribution property in the API.


How can I make my own wordlist at Wordnik?

First, log in (create a user account if you don't already have one). Once you're logged in, you can create a new list from the New List link.


I can't hear the audio pronunciations!

If the word page has been open in your browser for a while, reloading the page will often refresh the audio and make it audible. (Please also check that your speakers aren't muted!)


I have a question about your API!

Please check out our API FAQ. You can also email our API team at

I signed up for a key, but I haven't received it yet.

First, please check your spam folder! Remember that key requests can take seven days to process, unless you made a donation when you requested your key. If it's been more than seven days, or you made a donation, you can find your API key on your API Dashboard; log in to your account and check your user dashboard page. You can also email our API team at

Bug Bounties

Do you pay bounties for bug reports?

Sadly, as a nonprofit, Wordnik does not have a budget for bug bounties. We welcome all bug reports (please send to, and we are happy to send reporters Wordnik stickers!

Can I make a donation to help Wordnik?

Yes! You can adopt a word, or we are also happy to accept direct donations.

If you are interested in volunteering at Wordnik or making a donation of goods or services, please reach out to

Do you accept advertising or sponsorship for your word of the day emails?

Yes. If you'd like to sponsor the word of the day email, please reach out to us at

Do you accept sponsored links or paid/guest blog posts?

No. We do not accept payment for links, nor do we accept guest blog posts that include paid links. (Links on adopted words include a "nofollow" attribute, and are for information only, not sponsored or paid links.)

Contact Information

How can I contact you?

Need to get in touch? You can reach us at

Or via postal mail at:

PO Box 15259
Portland OR 97293

Unfortunately, our offices are not open to the public. We do not answer queries by telephone except in extraordinary circumstances.