from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • noun The act of protesting; a protesting in earnest and solemn words, as by calling God to witness; protestation.
  • noun An earnest or pressing request; a supplication; an entreaty.


  • If we should say that this was not simply an oath, but a kind of obtestation, the holy man will be, in some degree, excusable.

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 2

  • Nor did she farther press him on the subject; for, having concluded her prayer or obtestation, by clasping her hands together with solemnity, and then signing herself with the cross, she again addressed her grandson, in a tone more adapted to the ordinary business of life.

    The Abbot

  • The veracious historian makes obtestation of the strict truth of his narrative, and imprecates all sorts of evil upon such as do not believe it absolutely.

    Classic French Course in English

  • His obsequious "Here, sir," his horrid fluency of obtestation, made the murder tenfold more revolting.

    The Wrecker

  • The Englishman was struck with the solemnity of the obtestation, and answered with more cordiality than he had yet exhibited,

    The Talisman


The word 'obtestation' comes from a Latin word meaning 'entreaty, invocation'.