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  • n. one who believes in the conventional or arbitrary origin of language: opposed to analogist, or one who argues for its natural origin.
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    • n. someone who has a special interest in exceptional cases


  • More interestingly a number of ESA photos appear to show active vegetation in techno-color green to boot ; The anomalist crowd has blown this trumpet for years.

    Posthuman Blues

  • I'm convinced there's a trove of something (who knows what?) just waiting for the dedicated anomalist to unearth (or un-Mars!)

    Posthuman Blues

  • He never dismissed anomalist information -- he loved it -- but assumed correctly, like both Aleister Crowley and Count Korzybski did that even the most far out things will ultimately get scientific explanations.

    Boing Boing

  • The author of the prospective Volume II (Observations of an anomalist) visited Medjugorje, filmed the visionaries during four of their Ā«ecstasiesĀ» and explored various physical and psychological hypotheses to explain both the luminous phenomena and visions as not supernaturally caused.

    Te Deum laudamus!

  • The more intriguing and better informed guests they do feature are generally top-notch researchers who seemingly go to great lengths to remain objective, take note of other research and opinion, whilst providing their own unique insights - the interview with 'anomalist and UFO historian' Jerome Clark for example, should go down as a Paracast classic.

    remote central


The word 'anomalist' comes from a Greek word meaning "irregular, uneven".