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  • n. A type of polymorphism, where different functions with the same name are invoked based on the data types of the parameters passed.
  • v. Present participle of overload.


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From over +‎ loading


  • They succeeded in overloading the system and shut down a part of Washington during the time of a very important legislative session.

    'Quit spending,' Pawlenty tells Obama

  • No point in overloading the systems just so Chilean ex-pats worldwide can listen to busy signals from the local telephone exchanges in Chile.

    Matthew Yglesias » Chile Earthquake

  • Frankly, I doubt we can afford that kind of expense, and something like S.B. 1070 will either result in overloading the Arizona and federal prison system, which will cost taxpayers far more than does illegal immigration or create more innovative counterfeiting of papers and more and more legal actions.

    Stupid Questions/Bureaucratic Catch-22s « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

  • "In this case, assuming the Enterprise maintains peak efficiency, I would estimate we could withstand the combined force of those six and another four-point-seven ships before long-term overloading became a significant danger."

    Chain of Attack

  • "Well, there's no use in overloading," Charles announced, springing abruptly out on the bank as the boat cast off.

    Like Argus of the Ancient Times

  • A very neatly uniformed Swahili bearing on his stomach a highly-polished brass label as big as a door plate -- "Harbour Police" -- threw duck fists over what he called overloading the boat.

    African Camp Fires

  • A different sort of polymorphism is what is sometimes known as overloading or ad-hoc polymorphism.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • Abu Dhabi hotel apologises for 'overloading' Christmas tree with expensive jewellery BOSSES at a luxury hotel in the United Arab Emirates have apologised after "overloading" a Christmas tree with $11 million worth of precious gems and jewellery. | Top Stories

  • R2304: Operation name overloading in a wsdl: portType is disallowed by the Profile.

    ASP.NET Forums

  • I am guessing this is what is being referred to as overloading the biner.



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  • No way, I'm still watching for Skylab to fall.

    August 23, 2011

  • My use of 'overloading' as a noun: 'You have to watch for overloading.'

    August 23, 2011