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  • n. A device for measuring the oxygen saturation of arterial blood.

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  • n. A device that measures the oxygen saturation of arterial blood.

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  • n. a measuring instrument that measures the oxygen in arterial blood


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From Ancient Greek ὀξύς (oxus, "sharp") + μέτρον (metron, "measure").


  • It's essentially free since it needs no specialized equipment other than the oximeter, which is present in every hospital already.

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  • Pulse oximeter: this device measured the concentration of oxygen in Aaron's blood, providing an objective indicator of his general health status and an early warning of impending illness.

    Diaphragmatic eventration

  • As Aaron grew and was weaned from oxygen, the pulse oximeter helped staff evaluate his response to the reduced level of oxygen.

    Diaphragmatic eventration

  • When he's done, the medic gently takes the hand and puts on the ring finger the toothless plastic jaws of a pulse oximeter - a device that measures the oxygen content of the blood through the skin.

    The front lines of saving lives

  • She sings her wire song to herself as she glues Oh Chin EMG, Central EEG, Occipital EEG, EKG oh my oximeter and thermister and EOG and leg EMG and OMG WTF go to sleep you!


  • Equipment not covered by Medicare includes: adaptive daily living aids such as: ramps, automobile lifts, reachers, sock-aids, utensils, transfer benches, shower chairs, raised toilet seats, adjustable based beds, pulse oximeter and grab bars.

    Kathryn Haslanger: Adapting Your Home to Care for an Aging Family Member

  • He glanced over at the rickety woman snoring lightly into her oxygen mask after a dose of morphine, her pulse oximeter flashing 97 percent.


  • Pausing, he reached over to a unit that reminded her of the finger probe the medical staff used on her mother they had told Abbie was a pulse oximeter.


  • Gary and I are also looking into buying an oximeter so we can check his oxygen level during the trip especially over the mountains.

    Got Lumber

  • I ordered an oximeter from Amazon and paid the exorbitant fee for overnight shipping, so we should have that tomorrow.

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  • Would this be for counting oxen per minute? A measure of time rather than distance?

    January 10, 2008

  • Haha!

    January 10, 2008

  • A device for counting oxen.

    January 10, 2008