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  • n. Plural form of oxygen.


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  • Pure ThO2 is exceedingly heat-resistant, and of course totally oxygen-resistant because two oxygens is all that will go, but would not shine well, I'm told, when heated by even the hottest oil flame.

    Patrick Takahashi: There is Something About Thorium

  • “Two oxygens, please, when you get a chance,” he says to the “waitress,” who fortunately for all involved does not actually hear him.

    Tattoos on the Heart

  • Hydrogen sulfide, for example, reacts with four molecules of FOOF to give sulfur hexafluoride, 2 molecules of HF and four oxygens. . .and 433 kcal, which is the kind of every-man-for-himself exotherm that you want to avoid at all cost.

    Making Light: Open thread 136

  • Influenced by the Byzantines, the Western Church had become increasingly fond of the ritualistic burning of incense, ostensibly as an evocation of the sweet oxygens of heaven, but more likely a way of combating the concentrated funk of sweaty congregations.

    La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth

  • Carbon Dioxide is not the same as Carbon Monoxide (two oxygens versus one).

    Think Progress » New Ads Funded by Big Oil Portray Global Warming Science as Smear Campaign Against Carbon Dioxide

  • The double bonds to the oxygens both in the carboxylic acid and in the secondary amide seem to be drawn as single bonds in the lower right corner.

    The SWT JChemPaint (viewing) widget

  • All the oxygens then decide to settle down with their new carbon best buddies.

    Hot Buttered

  • Because many chemoinformatics tools do not have really support for dative bonds, a covalent bond could be drawn, but then the oxygens should be uncharged... right, not?

    Why chemistry-rich RSS feeds matter...

  • I checked the complete CML source code for the CrystelEye entry, and that contains the charges on the two oxygens bound to the cupper too.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • The oxygens in the phosphate molecule don't make the problem any easier.

    A Minimal Genome


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