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  • noun The tree Inga Feuillei. The name is apparently also applied in Peru to Prosopis juliflora, the mesquit.

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  • noun botany a Peruvian leguminous tree, cultivated for its large white edible pods


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From Quenchua pa'qay


  • Starch grains embedded in plaque on the teeth of early Peruvians show they had a more varied diet than previously believed, including beans and a local fruit known as pacay that indicate they had settled into farming long before we thought they had.

    Mathaba Highlights Briefing

  • (Carica sp.), which have potential as germplasm; lucuma (Pouteria lucuma), a staple fruit which bears year round; naranjilla (Solanum quitoense), a good fruit for juices; pacay (Inga sp.), a sweet-fleshed pod; passion fruit

    12: Seeds and germplasm

  • It tastes sweet, and, to my palate at least, it is very unpleasant; however, the Limeños on the coast and the monkeys in the woods are very fond of the pacay.

    Travels in Peru, on the Coast, in the Sierra, Across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the Primeval Forests

  • Olinda hopes to expand her business during this time of year because fruits such as mango, plum, pacay fruit and tamarind are in great supply in the summer.

    Kiva Loans

  • [c] alalapacay ru bi; xax [c] al he ru xak pacay xqui [c] hacatih.

    The Annals of the Cakchiquels


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  • Long, flat, dark green fruit; grows out of a tree; thick, thick green skin - one peels it, to reveal a fruit arranged inside like broad beans, nestled in a soft white pulpy lining. The lining is eaten and the rest discarded.

    October 20, 2007