from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A mule used to carry packs or burdens.


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  • Airlines have stepped up efforts to police carry-on limits, patrolling airport lobbies to intercept pack-mule passengers and force them to check bags that violate limits before they get through security.

    The Tough Tactics to Avoid Luggage Check-In Fees

  • She had healed up enough to go on a pack-mule trip with friends up into the mountains last weekend.

    In the Still of the Night

  • The loss to the Comanches, who were hunkering down into their winter camps, was stunning: sixty-nine pack-mule loads of buffalo meat—something more than fifteen thousand pounds of it—and three hundred seventy horses.14


  • Indeed, 7% of respondents to the survey admitted to some remarkable pack-mule habits, saying they regularly carry two laptops with them -- one each for personal and business use.

    Time to Leave the Laptop Behind

  • In that respect, my role is like that of a pack-mule, who has little concern about the matter of his burdens, provided they are carried in a balanced load in a timely fashion.

    INTERVIEW: John C. Wright

  • I was almost starving, for all our food was on the pack-mule.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • By some fatality my pen, ink, and knitting were on the pack-mule; it was very cold, the afternoon fog closed us in, and darkness came on prematurely, so that I felt a most absurd sense of ennui, and went over to the cook-house, where I found Gandle cooking, and his native wife with a heap of children and dogs lying round the stove.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • We are professional space-fillers, frivolously tossing content-pebbles in an ever-widening canyon of demand, cranking out one silly pack-mule after another for toothpaste and sneaker ads to ride on straight into the brains of the stupefied public.

    Editorial on journalism and Hitchens | Letter Never Sent

  • We would move swifter without it, and they would gain a pack-mule in the bargain when it healed.

    Kushiel's Avatar

  • In the end, Shana and the latest load of crude iron ingots re'turned overland to the New Citadel by pack-mule, arriving just about sunset.



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