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  • n. A community of runaway slaves.


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  • There are likely fowl fanciers around, but I haven't met any except the ubitiquious breeders of cocks for the 'palenque'.

    Horsing Around Down at the Carniceria

  • "Our son's getting married December 29, and we want you to come, so I'm going to give you a special invitation the next time you're at my palenque."

    A wedding and christening in rural Oaxaca: The mandate of tradition

  • Pero nos dejaron pruebas de su origen estelar, como el famoso "Astronauta de palenque".

    Pseudohistoria: 2012, el fin del mundo se acerca (��Otra vez?)

  • Although he attended high school, he was more interested in working the fields and life in the palenque.

    Family tradition: five generations of mezcaleros in Matatlan, Oaxaca

  • Some companies in Oaxaca and elsewhere may blend several different kinds of mescal for a particular flavor, but most mescals are from a single still at a single palenque, so they are more like single malt scotch in this sense.


  • Then the piñas or pineapples - the hearts of the agave look rather like giant pineapples once their spiked leaves are removed - are brought in to the palenque (mescal production area) on the backs of burros or in sturdy but dilapidated pickups.


  • The Ferial, a well-attended musical blending contemporary and folk dance with theatre performances, is another fair tradition, in addition to the palenque and Teatro del Pueblo shows.

    Mexico Connect Latest Articles

  • It's a stunningly hot summer afternoon in Havana, Cuba-the ultimate palenque-and I am having strong, black coffee with Assata Shakur who just turned 50, but looks more like 36.


  • Estos compañeros adherentes de la otra campana y un base da apoyo al EZLN, luchadores sociales de los más activos, son parte de los primeros hombres dignos a pronunciarse en contra de la carretera palenque Ocosingo, infraestructura básica para el inicio de los mega proyectos del gobierno y las empresas capitalistas.

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  • Read Examiner. com's Tucked away off a bumpy dirt road in the mountains surrounding Oaxaca City is a small mezcal palenque that - Articles related to US stock futures up despite retail sales drop


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  • See palenquero.

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