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  • n. The edible bud of the cabbage-palm.


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  • Among the vegetables of the place, the palm-cabbage afforded both a wholesome and palatable refreshment; and, indeed, proved the most agreeable repast that our people had for a considerable time enjoyed.

    Narrative of the Voyages Round The World, Performed by Captain James Cook

  • The men found several honey-trees, and fruits of various kinds, and small cocoanuts; they chopped down an ample number of palms, for the palm-cabbage; and, most important of all, they gathered a quantity of big Brazil-nuts, which when roasted tasted like the best of chestnuts and are nutritious; and they caught a number of big piranhas, which were good eating.

    IX. Down an Unknown River into the Equatorial Forest

  • We ate luncheon -- a bit of cold duck, some koonti-bread, and a dish of palm-cabbage.


  • I think my good wife was almost alarmed at the way we fell upon the corned beef and palm-cabbage she set before us, but at length these good things produced the desired effect, and one after another declared himself satisfied.

    Swiss Family Robinson

  • ‘Jack, pick that palm-cabbage up and take it to father; that is only half my contribution, and it is worth all your nuts put together.’

    Swiss Family Robinson

  • * The last yields a very savoury palm-cabbage, which we had sometimes eaten at the convent of Caripe.

    Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America

  • At the festival of which we were the spectators, the women, who were excluded from the dance, and every sort of public rejoicing, were daily occupied in serving the men with roasted monkey, fermented liquors, and palm-cabbage.

    Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America

  • The irresistible desire the Indians have to flee from society, and enter again on a nomad life, causes even young children sometimes to leave their parents, and wander four or five days in the forests, living on fruits, palm-cabbage, and roots.

    Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America

  • Palm-wine is the sap of the tree; and its top furnishes a most delicious dish, called palm-cabbage.

    Journal of an African Cruiser

  • The repast consisted of bits of mutton in palm-butter, mutton roasted, rice, palm-cabbage, chicken, and papaw, with coffee, but no wine.

    Journal of an African Cruiser


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  • Also known variously as palm hearts, hearts of palm, swamp cabbage, &c.

    November 26, 2011