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  • From gladiatorial combat in panis et circenses Rome to gruesome executions at the stake and on the wheel, rope and rack for the delectation of the masses, there has always been a predilection on the part of the powerful to play to the baser instincts of the people.

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  • Translation of Latin term panis et circenses, from panis (bread) + et (and), circenses Main RSS Feed

  • Latin "panis," than _vice-versa_, that is, if any mortal ever does want to remember that pedantic dictionary word.

    Assimilative Memory or, How to Attend and Never Forget

  • Just so they won't feel left out, here are the other fungi mentioned by Riggs that are quite suitable for his invention: Ascomycete mycelia; Bjerkandera sordidicola sp BOS55; Pycnoporus cinnabarinus; Stachybotrys; Inonotius dryophilus; Perenniporia medulla-panis; Ganoderma oregonense; Trametes versicolor; Phellinus badius; Agaricus bisporus; Pieurotus ostreatus; Lentinula edodes; and Phanerochaete Chrysosporium.

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  • Fuerunt mihi lacrimae meae panis die ac nocte, dum dicitur mihi quotidie: "Ubi est Deus tuus?"

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  • Bone pastor, panis vere,Jesu, nostri miserére:Tu nos pasce, nos tuére:Tu nos bona fac vidéreIn terra vivéntium.

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  • Ecce panis Angelórum,Factus cibus viatórum:Vere panis fíliórum,Non mittendus cánibus.

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  • Dogma datur Christiánis,Quod in carnem transit panis,Et vinum in sánguinem.

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  • The last two verses comprise the well known Bone pastor, panis vere.

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  • ‘Dicendum quod, quia substantia panis vel vini non manet in hoc sacramento, quidam, impossibile reputantes quod substantia panis vel vini in corpus vel sanguinem Chirsti convertatur, posuerunt quod per consecrationem substantia panis vel vini resolvitur in praejacentem materiam, vel quod annihiletur.’

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