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  • n. Plural form of panzer.


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  • For that to work you would need panzers to surround the finance ministries of Rome, Paris, Athens, Vienna and Madrid.

    What Is Europe Sinking About?

  • All next day we were pounded by the Stukas and it led to the German panzers crossing the border.

    John Keay

  • Chad Crowe The underlying problem remains: Germany and France are locked into their most bitter struggle since the panzers exploded out of the Ardennes Forest in 1940.

    The Culture War Over Europe's Money

  • From the day Hitler's panzers crossed into Poland until the day Japan surrendered, Marshall was the axis around which the nation's top generals revolved.

    Casting the Plan For Victory

  • Why do we allow zionist think tank panzers to kick americans around?

    Abrams to Parachute to Council on Foreign Relations « Blog

  • Indeed, the story of Japanese aggression does not begin until about a third of the way into the book, even though the bloody conquest of Manchuria commenced eight years before Hitler's panzers crossed the Polish frontier.

    Hell's Ethos

  • His precious, lethal panzers had fared ill as well: The average armored division began with 160 tanks; by late August, with 1,500 panzers destroyed, the Germans could round up a total of 70 battered tanks.

    How the Battle Was Won, if Not Yet the War

  • The only Libyan territory Wavell retained was the port of Tobruk, where a garrison of Australian, British and Polish troops held out for 224 days before they were relieved and it was the panzers' turn to be driven back to Brega.

    Libya's history warns us of the dangers on the road to Ras Lanuf

  • Now Brega and Ajdabiya, down the road from where the Tower Hamlets Rifles once tried to hold the panzers, have been the scene of another hopeless fight.

    Libya's history warns us of the dangers on the road to Ras Lanuf

  • By mid-May, however, the panzers had crossed the Meuse, demolishing the fortifications that extended the Maginot Line.

    'Valley of Death'


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