paraconsistent love


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  • adj. Tolerant towards inconsistencies.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Coined in 1976 by the Peruvian philosopher Francisco Miró Quesada, from the Greek παρά (para, "beside") + consistent.


  • Or perhaps more flexible ontology languages built over paraconsistent logics?

    2009 April 24 | Serendipity

  • More recent developments of the paraconsistent approach appear in Beall (2009) and Priest (2009).

    Fitch's Paradox of Knowability

  • In a paraconsistent logic contradictions do not trivialize a theory, because they do not

    Fitch's Paradox of Knowability

  • Depending on the paraconsistent logic, the paraconsistist may object to use of reductio, or may object to other inferences.

    Fitch's Paradox of Knowability

  • And so it is suggested that one go paraconsistent and embrace Kp ˆ§ ¬Kp as a true consequence of the knowability principle.

    Fitch's Paradox of Knowability

  • The thought is that the correct logic of knowability is paraconsistent.

    Fitch's Paradox of Knowability

  • With a paraconsistent logic, one may accept this without triviality.

    Fitch's Paradox of Knowability

  • That is, in a paraconsistent logic the inference from p ˆ§ ¬p to an arbitrary conclusion r is not valid.

    Fitch's Paradox of Knowability

  • In the Australasian approach, worlds are constituents of interpretations of some paraconsistent logic or other, which imposes to them some logical structure: they are closed under a paraconsistent consequence relation, which is normally weaker than classical consequence relation.

    Impossible Worlds

  • I was still getting the hang of being a business owner, after having been a waitress, a bike mechanic, a student of paraconsistent logic.

    Cat Rambo


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