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  • Although the term paraliterature had not been coined at the time of its writing we have to wait 17 years for Fredric Jameson to do that, the connection between science fiction and erotic fiction makes this essay one of the first defenses of the nobrow or paraliterary category.

    Nobrow manifestos, #2 « Jahsonic

  • Me, I suspect there’s a generational change, with a lot of younger writers not simply indifferent but steeped in paraliterature, happy to use the strange (that which breaches mimesis in terms of credibility warp) and the diegetic (that which breaches mimesis by telling rather than representing.)

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • The distinction may well be useful, but it also says loud and clear that "paraliterature" is *not* literature.

    Extra Musing on "The Love We Share"

  • On the contrary, this means that Bukiet sees the features by which he characterises these works as “insidious” — i.e. infiltrating and corrupting — qualities of paraliterature that do not belong in “proper” high-brow fiction, qualities that have in fact been largely absent from it but are now sneaking into it, to the detriment of the field.

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • According to the Wikipedia entry: Literary fiction is a term that has come into common usage since around 1960, principally to distinguish serious fiction (that is, work with claims to literary merit) from the many types of genre fiction and popular fiction (i.e., paraliterature).

    Peter Temple's style suits his substance

  • It's a pretty fast read once everyone dies, so I would say it's worth your time as a student of the genre, if not perhaps as a work of pulpy escapist paraliterature.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • While I loved the book P&P and all four movie/TV versions of the story, I am not one of those people who read Austen paraliterature.

    Lost in Austen

  • Recherches en paralittérature, a 1975 work on paraliterature and popular fiction.

    Audrey Vernon, gratuitous nudity and French culture « Jahsonic

  • Not only do they have a listing of every single Jane Austen sequel, biography, paraliterature known to man that's coming out in the next few months, but they also list stage adaptations as well.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • SF -- more than any other paraliterature to steal Delany's term, I'd say -- uses the tool of narrative to construct various sorts of fictions, from pure-narrative adventure stories to the thought experiments of Ursula LeGuin, which mix the structures of anthropological narratives and scientific case studies with those of fables, myths, tall tales, and oral history.

    Film Structure