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  • adj. of, related to, or suffering from paraplegia
  • n. A person who suffers from paraplegia.

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  • Affected with paraplegia: pertaining to or resembling paraplegia.

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  • n. a person who has paraplegia (is paralyzed from the waist down)
  • adj. suffering complete paralysis of the lower half of the body usually resulting from damage to the spinal cord


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para- + -plegic


  • He sat upright in his chair, not looking at Mrs. Olinski or the blackboard but staring into the middle distance, as if looking at the word paraplegic or the paraplegic herself was too painful.

    The View from Saturday

  • Isaac, a paraplegic, is a popular New York City public-radio reporter who is investigating a story from an anonymous source about a man who walked into a hospital demanding that his leg be amputated.

    Sundance film has paraplegic main character

  • I hear they eat minorities for breakfast and laugh whenever a paraplegic is denied the sweet life-giving nectar of embryonic stem cells.

    Think Progress » Samuel Alito’s America

  • Following his accident, he soon realized that was worse than being a paraplegic was being a drunk, and he quit.

    Karin Badt: Thessaloniki Film Festival: Wisdom From The Wheelchair: "Touch Me Someplace I Can Feel"

  • A minute into the segment America knows that I am not afraid of outer space, that I don't like to be called a paraplegic, and that I apparently worship Walter Cronkite.

    Chicago Reader

  • The word Paralympic was originally a pun combining "paraplegic" and "Olympic," however with the inclusion of other disability groups and the close associations with the Olympic Movement, it now represents "parallel" and "Olympic" to illustrate how the two movements exist side by side.

    Marketwire - Breaking News Releases

  • None of those ministers had ever proved a miracle: no healed cancer, no blind who could see, no paraplegic who could walk, no arteries scrubbed so clean they were like new.

    Miracles, Inc.

  • Oliver, he who had recently healed a paraplegic in front of ten thousand witnesses, could not heal his own girlfriend.

    Miracles, Inc.

  • My classmates formed a line, and in the ensuing hour I healed a cancer victim, someone with palsy, a humpback who stuffed a couch pillow under his shirt, and a paraplegic unceremoniously dumped on the carpet at my feet.

    Miracles, Inc.

  • If it gets cancer, diabetes or becomes a paraplegic, too bad!

    Think Progress » GOP Senate candidate compares embryonic stem cell research to ‘what the Nazis did to the Jews.’


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