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  • adj. Of or pertaining to parapsychology

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Of or pertaining to parapsychology; pertaining to forces or mental processes outside the possibilities defined by natural or scientific laws.

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  • adj. beyond normal physical explanation


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  • Although there may have been parapsychological theories that seemed to mimic or echo some elements of quantum theory, whether it is correct to claim that they are the same seems rather presumptuous without further study of what quantum physics involves, let alone what agreement is made about psi requires for proof.

    On Quantum Theory And Parapsychology

  • Jack Rourke, renowned psychic, parapsychological researcher, and author of Ghost Talk says, Without confronting the validity of ghosts as an objective phenomena, one thing is certain: The subjective experiences of children who report ghost encounters are quite real and can leave uninformed parents feeling powerless.

    Book to Help Parents of Children Who See Ghosts

  • Even in the previous century the parapsychological faculties of the human brain had belonged to the questionable field of the so-called borderland sciences.

    Good Night, Mrs. Calabash

  • There they meet a scientist named Yuri Popov, who explains he is the research assistant to Professor Vladmir Magus, who has been studying parapsychological phenomena under the sea.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • I am personally highly skeptical of parapsychological claims.

    American Association for the Advancement of PseudoScience

  • The second line is an example of a false dilemma (I do not know how to describe * some* purported parapsychological phenomena using the * known* laws of Physics; therefore * all* possible parapsychological phenomena violate the laws of Physics).

    American Association for the Advancement of PseudoScience

  • That said, testing this in a controlled university environment runs counter to the regular facilitation of parapsychological phenomena.

    American Association for the Advancement of PseudoScience

  • At that time David Bohm was professor of theoretical physics there and I occasionally wondered if his concept of the “implicate order” allowed for parapsychological phenomena.

    American Association for the Advancement of PseudoScience

  • So are you saying that there are possibly 6 or 7 people out there who could actually prove parapsychological phenomenon?

    Telekinesis and Quantum Field Theory

  • A similar line of reasoning would apply to telepathy or other parapsychological phenomena.

    Telekinesis and Quantum Field Theory


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