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  • To his son, John Skreene, "myne owne volume of old statutes with the Register, and ye new Lawes therein; my newe statutes and a boke of termes of parchemyn, and a good boke compiled of Law with

    Shakespeare's Family


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  • Although the number of prophets working today in the religious sector has declined we have seen a huge increase in a related field. Instead of predicting what God has ordained for the future, spin ministers exist to clarify what current events can tell us about God’s day-to-day interventions in our lives.

    If an apple falls in an orchard and no one named Newton is sitting under the tree, does that mean the laws of physics no longer apply? Check with your favorite spin minister. Also known as spinisters, despite the sinister connotation.

    Don’t think their job is easy.

    Out of a clear and tranquil blue sky a bolt of lightening strikes Martha Stewart dead as she oversees her slaves in the vegetable garden. Who’d have a tough time with that one?

    Many good hearted but Biblically illiterate people are "persuaded" by such men and women who though they have the appearance of that which is good, they actually promote that which is evil.

    You see, a spin-minister (spinister) can "prove" anything he wants to out of the Bible.

    May 6, 2009