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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of parenthesize.


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  • His skull was nearly perfect, like a newborn, the way his ears parenthesized his face perfectly.

    The Cat's Pajamas

  • And what did you mean by the parenthesized “tautologies”?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Mojave Cross Removed

  • As you say, Hercle is most definitely performing haruspicy because of his left foot raised to rest on what looks like nothing more than a stone, unbeknownst to mysterymonger De Grummond who mangles the meaning of the mirror with cutesy parenthesized question marks and disjointed artistic interpretations.

    More about egg symbols in Etruria and the rest of the classical world

  • In my recent review of the tribute to Mort Sahl, because I wanted to include long quotes from Albert Brooks and Sahl himself, I carelessly summarized an outstanding performance by veteran stand-up comic Richard Lewis with two parenthesized words, "dick jokes."

    Paul Krassner: Apologizing to Richard Lewis

  • The Fowler example simply shows a comment clause where the meaning of the parenthesized item is more prominent in relation to the interpretation of the sentence as a whole.

    On who(m)ever

  • The nature of the meaning relationship between the parenthesized item and the rest of the sentence is a variable.

    On who(m)ever

  • On the penultimate page, K thinks in a parenthesized paragraph:Is that the moral of it all, he thought, the moral of the whole story: that there is time enough for everything?

    Scattered Thoughts on Michael K.

  • For the filling, I used the recipe in Ruth Reichl's book Tender to the Bone, inspired by a luscious picture in the Amateur Gourmet's blog, and conveniently found here, under "Oleron Raspberry Tart (the best raspberry tart in the world)" -- the parenthesized part remains to be tasted.

    Archive 2005-01-01

  • You could give a brief introduction, read the parenthesized bits, and give the credits at the end.

    Acting! On the web! - The Panda's Thumb

  • The rant is parenthesized by background reportsfrom the BBC that explain, among other things,that prior to his outburst the reporter had beenstalked for several days by Scientology operatives, and had just endured a 19-minute video designed to show that the Holocaust was the fault of psychiatry; this video included helpful scenes such as children getting needles in their eyes and other such light fare to set the tone.

    BBC reporter loses it on Scientology bot: the FULL story « raincoaster


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