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  • adj. (computing) able to be parsed.


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  • Most companies reduce the customer relationship to its most easily parsable, which is the economic side.

    Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us

  • “No end” without “to” sounds foreign and is barely parsable.

    Prescriptivists amaze me (to) no end « Motivated Grammar

  • How do you make it emotionally/intellectually parsable, engaging and relevant to their daily lived experience?

    Notes on Strange Fiction: Seams

  • How do you make [the fantastic] emotionally/intellectually parsable, engaging and relevant to their daily lived experience?

    Notes on Strange Fiction: Seams

  • We're the beneficiaries, in the form of easily parsable data on who spends what and where in Virginia politics.

    Where Money Meets New Media: A Virginia Governor's Race Postmortem

  • Yeah, actually apple is awfully good at adopting pre-existing standards for their iApp storage formats. iTunes: OPML (or easily parsable XML)

    Scripting News for 5/3/2006 « Scripting News Annex

  • She could have given the vaguest of typical nothing-answers to a question like that, like "There are no easy political answers for the region," or something even less parsable that that, like "I've been encouraged by how much support the United States continues to enjoy around the world."


  • So far, I have identified these three patterns used in the paper's model, but not parsable by the CDK engine:

    pKa prediction, or, how to convert a JCIM paper into Java

  • BTW, McCarthy may be many things, nilhistic is one, but he definitely does not lack a command of language; and as such you can be fairly sure that the repetition and simple sentence structures were intended to reflect the subject matter and the reduction of the world to its 'parsable entities' or some such, as I am without the book.

    This is going to get me in trouble ...

  • ACS, RSC, Chemistry Central could adopt this proposal, then experimental sections immediately are better machine parsable and ready for automatic processing, such as discussed in my blog item Chemical Archeology: OSCAR3 to and by Christoph at the ACS meeting, available as PDF and this 18MB MP3.

    Archiving spectra: use InChI and CML


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  • "Parsable" means "susceptible to being parsed". The odd thing about it is that it isn't listed in most desk dictionaries. I've heard it often enough in computer circles, but just knowing that it's "parse" with a -ble suffix isn't enough to determine whether it's parsable, parseable, or parsible. ("Parseible" would be impossible.) There are people who spell it all three ways. After extensive lookups, I found that it's listed in two unabridged dictionaries as "parsable", and that also seems to be the majority opinion on the Internet.

    June 27, 2009