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  • n. The inability to urinate in the presence of others


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  • The idea behind this study was that invasion of personal space underlies paruresis — the closer another person is in proximity, the more trouble the pee-shy individual will have urinating.

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  • In fact, the researchers were trying to gain a better understanding of paruresis, otherwise known as “shy bladder syndrome” (or “pee-shy,” “bashful bladder” and a variety of other monikers).

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  • Work, said "it's surprising" how often those with paruresis -- a condition that makes it difficult or impossible to uriniate in the presence of others or when others are close by -

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  • Rich Presta's program for treating paruresis and additional resources for parents of children facing the condition, or anyone struggling with paruresis, can found on the Paruresis

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  • Severe paruresis in school aged children can also lead to complete school refusal by the child, as well as more pervasive anxiety that can spread into other areas of life, such as social anxiety or even panic attacks.

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  • Considered a specific phobia by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV), treatments are available, but individuals who struggle with paruresis may not elect to seek help due to the shame or misunderstanding that accompany the condition.

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  • Children who may be battling paruresis may have no idea how common it is, or what they can do about it, and it can do incredible damage by restricting almost all areas of life.

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  • What differentiates paruresis from normal anxiety everyone sometimes feels is the degree to which is effects life.

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  • Ken Land, a 60-year-old Ann Arbor social worker, tried for years to quietly find ways around his paruresis. - RSS

  • Ken Land, 60, of Ann Arbor shares his battle to conquer paruresis -- not being able to urinate in public bathrooms -- with nearly 17 million Americans. - RSS


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  • "The problem you are describing is called paruresis or bashful bladder syndrome."

    Guide to Getting It On, 183

    April 12, 2008