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  • n. A card that allows the bearer to pass a security checkpoint.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

pass +ā€Ž card


  • Zipcar, an urban car-rental firm, uses wireless services to let customers find available cars, open the car door with the sweep of a passcard and send usage data back to the company for billing at the end of a rental.

    Wireless Broadband Bolsters Economy - Bits Blog -

  • Hillary dressed as the morning maid using her passcard to enter the Iranian Chief of Delegation suite.

    Iā€™m Knocking On Your Window | ATTACKERMAN

  • And not only does he have the Dragunov, but also the high-tech passcard Michael copied weeks ago.

    'Burn Notice' recap: Enter Mike's doppelganger |

  • When I absentmindedly went into the stairwell with my breakfast in hand and realized I still didn't have a passcard and was trapped until some kind denizen came down from the fourth floor, I found myself thinking of Alexander.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • So I have fashioned a nifty thing from one of those daggy passcard clip/extendable elastic thing so the keys almost never get detached from the bag.


  • She came in through the night entrance, using her passcard, and Beirkoff met her at the doorway.

    Beyond World's End

  • I have attempted several times to decript the Sith passcard and finally figured out some of the sequences.

    IGN Complete

  • He gives you a passcard to let you into the room with a sub so you can go down to the station.

    IGN Complete

  • I told you to do it this way because it doesn't matter if you use the passcard.

    IGN Complete

  • Yes, the passcard you found on one of the bodies does grant you free access to the terminal you used a short while ago.

    IGN Complete


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