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  • n. In ceramics, ornamentation by means of a surface-application of scrolls, flowers, and the like, modeled separately in clay.


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  • For that final touch of elegance, Mama adorns each cupcake with a hand-made pastillage decoration – a slightly sweet and beautiful confection.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • The pastillage in back is lame (all my pieces broke), and we were only supposed to have one rose; I did a second one because my larger one (the one in front/on the bottom) broke a little and didn't fit on the middle part of the piece, which left a big open space in the middle.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • We then made pastillage--a concoction of confectioner's sugar, water, vinegar, and gelatin--for the figures for the top of the cake.

    Archive 2005-08-01

  • Tomorrow I think we need to devote to chocolate, except for the base for the sugar piece, the cast piece, and the pastillage.

    Dazed, but Not So Confused

  • The estimated 2000 gingerbread, marzipan, sugar, cookie dough, salt dough, pastillage and chocolate ornaments were donated by both career and professional culinary programs as well as nonvocational culinary programs.

    White House Christmas Theme Information

  • When the object is dry it will be firm enough to set on the table and use as a container for light, dry foods, such as other pastillage work, biscuits, and nuts.

    Savoring The Past

  • Below are cutters and a leaf mold for pastillage and a variety of molds for ices; many of these shapes, including the crayfish and the asparagus stalk, were still in use a century and more later.

    Savoring The Past

  • Above, workers make flowers from pastillage, or gum paste dough, a mixture of sugar and gum tragacanth.

    Savoring The Past

  • Simple-just a bit of pastillage and fondant can turn an ordinary cake into an extraordinary steak cake.

    mental_floss Blog

  • It looked simple - recreate a flowerpot cupcake topped with pastillage flowers.



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  • "Pastillage is a mixture of powdered sugar, gelatin, and cornstarch that dries to a porous, rigid form.

    With care and patience, it's possible to make very intricate pastillage showpieces, such as detailed flowers, figures, and even delicate architectural details - perfect for victorian trim on gingerbread houses!"

    --Gingerbread House Heaven

    April 25, 2016