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  • n. Pearl-fishery.


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  • It was pearling season, so we encountered small fleets of pearl-fishing dhows anchored above fresh oyster beds about fifty feet below the surface.

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • It's an old pearl-fishing town, now mainly a tourist resort (with some very up-market bits).

    North West Resources Tour

  • By 1800 Cleghorn was on the boat home, accused (wrongly) of some questionable business relating to the government pearl-fishing industry (he had been in charge of it and some had gone missing).

    American Connections

  • Now in its 10th year, the Dubai show is benefiting from the strategy of the emirate's rulers to transform their desert kingdom from a small pearl-fishing town on the Gulf coast to the home of the largest airport in the Middle East.

    Dubai Show Sales Blitz Brings

  • "To transport these tapa-boys to other islands where there are other pearl-fishing grounds," the captain finally exclaimed.

    The War with the Newts

  • It is not however frequented at present for pearl-fishing, partly because the treacherous character of the

    Travels in Nubia

  • At that time he was engaged in an adventure of pearl-fishing, and was the chief of the three divers who were with him.

    Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers

  • King Baharkan, desiring one day to amuse himself with pearl-fishing, embarked in a vessel with a design to coast along the shores of his kingdom in search of pearls.

    Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers

  • I was just reading this fascinating book on pearl-fishing.

    Madge Morton's Victory

  • Yet, if she could only see Captain Jules again and he might be persuaded to show her his diving suit and to tell her something of the strange business of pearl-fishing, she couldn't be really sorry for her impudence.

    Madge Morton's Victory


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