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  • n. A tool used to manipulate logs, having a thick wooden handle, a steel point, and a curved hooked arm. Similar to a cant-hook, but shorter and stouter, and with a pointed end.

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  • n. a stout lever with a sharp spike; used for handling logs


After Maine blacksmith, Joseph Peavey (Wiktionary)


  • If peavy bunts, thats a more productive out than Edgar made.

    IGD: Padres @ Cubs (15 May 08)

  • "No way will we let outsiders bring us down, curdle our milk, piss on our peavy, spoil our crops."

    Kingdoms of Light

  • His regular work was heavy enough, splitting all the wood for the camp, carrying water and packing lunch to the men, but his hazers sent him on all kinds of wild goose errands to all parts of the works, looking for a "left-handed peavy" or a "bundle of cross-hauls."

    The Marvelous Exploits of Paul Bunyan

  • He once threw a peavy handle into the Mississippi at St. Louis and standing on it, poled up to Brainerd, Minnesota.

    The Marvelous Exploits of Paul Bunyan

  • Invariably upon these humiliating occasions when Symes dined cheek by jowl with _hoi polloi_ who left their spoons in their cups and departed using a toothpick like a peavy, his thoughts turned to his coming triumph in Crowheart.

    The Lady Doc

  • The person addressed first looked extremely astonished; then shouldered his peavy and started for camp, leaving the diminished rear a prey to curiosity.

    Blazed Trail Stories and Stories of the Wild Life

  • Of course he had nerve, and could do anything with a log and a peavy, and would fight at the drop of a hat -- any "bully boy" would qualify there -- but also he had judgment.

    Blazed Trail Stories and Stories of the Wild Life

  • This man was standing on an extreme point, leaning on his peavy, watching the timbers float past.

    The Rules of the Game

  • He hit it with a splash that threw the water high to either side, immediately caught his equilibrium, and set to work with his peavy.

    The Rules of the Game

  • Guess you feel good when you see a boy swingin 'an axe, or handlin' a peavy.

    The Man in the Twilight


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  • Mentioned in a recent episode of '8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown' as the largest word that could be made out of the letters PVWEAZYOQ.

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