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  • n. Slang A pectoral muscle. Often used in the plural: "Beneath those pecs there beats a heart” ( Leon Wieseltier).

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  • n. The pectoralis major muscle.


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  • But, no! no! I tell you, no! You shall never be able to utter more than _pec, pec, pec_; and while with your mouths open you are stammering and stuttering to get out _cavi_, Satan and his blackguards shall come and peck you, even as crows peck carrion.

    The Adventures of Hugh Trevor

  • I's you an 'not turn up my nose at him 'cause he wears pants, an' you can learn him how to talk properer'n what he do an 'I betcher he'd jest nachelly take to a broom, an' I s'pec 'he ain't got nobody' tall to show him how to sew.

    Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

  • I s'pec 'it seem sorter funny ter you, boss, but dat w'ite 'oman done had lots er trouble; she done had bunnunce er trouble -- she sholy is!

    Mingo And Other Sketches in Black and White

  • Well, I'm glad you comed, an 'I s'pec's I've tole you some things twiste,' case of my memory.

    The Cromptons

  • Tanberry are a mighty guessifying woman, an 'de minute I tell her what Nelse see, she s'pec' you a-comin 'an' dat de boss mos 'pintedly preparin' fo 'it! "

    The Two Vanrevels

  • "De baby 's be'n cryin 'for Miss Rena," suggested the nurse, "an 'I s'pec' he'd like to see you, suh.

    The House Behind the Cedars

  • "I s'pec 'He just looks like the three-headed giant in Jack the

    Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

  • He ain't never hear 'bout them tales, an 'I s'pec' he'd like to come. "

    Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

  • "I s'pec 'he is, gran'dad; an' I s'pec 'he come down an' b'iled up yo 'nickel o' molasses, too, ter meck me dis candy.

    Solomon Crow's Christmas Pockets and Other Tales

  • I s'pec 'ole man Desmit felt about as bad at losing him as ary one he had. "

    Bricks without Straw A Novel


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