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  • v. Present participle of peck.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as place-brick.
  • n. plural Pieces pecked or knocked off.
  • n. The sport of throwing pebbles at birds to bring them down.
  • n. They crossed a road soon afterwards, and there close to them lay a heap of charming pebbles. “Look here,” shouted East, “here's luck! I've been longing for some good honest pecking this half-hour. Let's fill the bags, and have no more of this foozling bird's-nesting.”


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  • I’m probably not unique in making this mistake, but in modern American middle-class experience one hears the term pecking order and one reflexively locates oneself right smack, well, in the middle.


  • "Sixth, seventh and eighth grade is where what I call the pecking order starts to be established."


  • "Talons are for hunting, or for hunting & pecking" is fabulous!!


  • So when birds begin pecking out the hero’s eyes in Anansi Boys, it comes as a surprise when you start to laugh.

    Blog De Ganz | Archive | January

  • At the top of this designation pecking order is the CFP designation.

    Brewed Fresh Daily AKA The BFD Blog

  • What kind of pecking order rules apply when FOX anchors and pundits fight over who gets to smell her chair first after an appearence?

    Think Progress » Fox News VP: We ‘hope’ Palin will be ‘polarizing’ as a Fox News contributor.

  • I think show business is ideally suited for heterosexuals, it's a very heterosexual business, it's run mostly by heterosexual men, and there's a kind of pecking order.


  • Really though, it's a call to preserve the nude locker space - a space in which men apparently *need* to be able to wander around nude, presumably either to air their bits or to reinforce some kind of pecking order based on the size of their pecker sorry, I had to go there.

    Ahh football, you are ever increasingly becoming outdated

  • (Academics tend to care a great deal about this kind of pecking order, given that prestige is the main coin with which they are paid.)

    Amitai Etzioni: Like a Whorehouse

  • "Birds in their little nests agree," sang Beth, the peacemaker, with such a funny face that both sharp voices softened to a laugh, and the "pecking" ended for that time.

    Little Women


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