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  • n. A requirement for soldiers to remain in service beyond their normal discharge date.
  • n. A stop loss order.


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  • When the exchange rate neared ¥76 to a dollar, it triggered automatic trades, known as stop-loss orders, to buy yen and sell dollars, said Peter Gorra , managing director of foreign-exchange trading at BNP Paribas in New York.

    Yen Surges to Record Against the Dollar

  • Europe's single currency also slid on speculation that so- called stop-loss orders were activated once it breached $1.35 overnight, Kit Juckes, head of foreign-exchange strategy at Societe Generale SA in London, wrote in a client note today. -- Top News

  • Well he got two hundred and fifty thousand dollars together and he used it to cover all his stock market speculation losses, his picks all went down and he didn't have stop-loss orders, basically gambling stupidly.

    More Futurism, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • It is running into stop-loss orders on both sides of its recent trading range and bouncing off of them, Mr. Busch added.

    Debt Worries Cap Gains For the Euro

  • The bank sold 6,000 ounces of gold through the forced sell and then the remaining amount under a stop-loss order.

    Citigroup Sues Hedge Fund Manager Over Losses

  • Lastly, Ms. Lien says, it calls for greater use of stop-loss orders, which are designed to automatically buy or sell at a certain price to prevent outsize losses.

    Foreign Exchange Gone Wild

  • "If you don't use stop-loss orders, the currencies these days can be more likely to move farther against you than in a low-volatility environment," Ms. Lien says.

    Foreign Exchange Gone Wild

  • Traders see a key support level at $1.3500, which if breached, could spark a sharp fall due to stop-loss sell orders below that point.

    Euro Continues Slide on Italian Debt

  • The draft, during the nine years of the Vietnam war, conscripted some 1.9 million Americans, or about 12 times as many as stop-loss has dragooned.

    Backdoor Draft Winding Down -- For Now

  • The Pentagon's "stop-loss" authority lets the armed services extend the enlistment of service members beyond their contractually agreed-to separation date during wartime.

    Backdoor Draft Winding Down -- For Now


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  • "Even though he was approaching the end of his military service, Agosto was ordered to deploy to Afghanistan under the stop-loss program that the Department of Defense uses to retain soldiers beyond the term of their contracts. At least 185,000 troops have been stop-lossed since September 11, 2001."

    - Dahr Jamail, Refusing to Comply,, 30 June 2009.

    July 1, 2009