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  • n. The divalent radical -O-O- derived from a peroxide


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  • Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron that react rapidly, cause lonely electrons really want to find a date, and methyl radicals do that, combining quickly with oxygen molecules, O2, to form methyl peroxy radical, CH3O2.

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  • The radical characteristic of the thing tends to be concentrated at the free swinging tip of the tail, and in most peroxy radicals, that tip winds up reacting with some other molecule.

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  • Not so with the aromatic peroxy radicals, however, because it so happens that the radical tip is just right for swinging around and hooking up with another carbon, somewhere else on the aromatic ring.

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  • So an O2 gloms onto the other, lonely, carbon and you now have a peroxy radical, an aromatic ring with an oxygen tail.

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  • Actually, it's a good bet that any give peroxy compound is biologically active.

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  • By the same token, if something reduces the amount of peroxyacetyl, relative to other peroxy radicals, then PAN concentrations decline, NO2 comes back into the system, and ozone can increase.

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  • In fact, much later, it was established that not only acid deposition, but also increased oxidant concentrations (species such as ozone, peroxy-acetyl nitrate (PAN), and hydrogen peroxide) contributed to tree damage.

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  • Taxifolin protected peroxy radical-damaged mitochondria with no effect on enzyme activity.

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  • Mumford became allergic to a very popular chemical used to treat the water in his hot tub called potassium peroxy-mono-sulfate.

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  • My wife got bitten by a cat, she clean up bite with peroxy and neosporin. Stories / Popular


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