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  • adv. With clarity and lucidity.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a perspicuous manner; clearly; plainly.

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  • adv. in a clear and lucid manner


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  • Penmanship was almost a fine art in colonial days, the one indispensable accomplishment of a school teacher; and he was often hired to exercise it in writing a name "perspicuously" in a book.

    Customs and Fashions in Old New England

  • The artists 'arcanum;: Or, The essence of a variety of useful and entertaining arts, carefully and perspicuously laid down; the greater part from actual experiments by F.

    120th Tournament of Roses Parade: An Intimate Photographic Essay

  • According to Frege, such ambiguities provide further evidence that natural language is not suited to the task of representing propositions and inferential relations perspicuously.

    Logical Form

  • Clearly, the names of these accidents are relative terms, since predications of the form ˜x is knowledge™ or ˜x is a perception™ are more perspicuously represented as of the form ˜x is knowledge of

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • Borrowing on the medievals 'behalf the notation of first-order logic, we can make this characterization of relative terms precise by saying that a term F is relative just in case a predication of the form ˜Fx™ is more perspicuously represented as a predication of the form ˜Rxy™.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • In effect, the first of these questions asks whether Skolem's Paradox is simply an artifact of our abbreviations, an artifact which would disappear if Skolem's Paradox were formulated more carefully and perspicuously.

    Skolem's Paradox

  • As Freud perspicuously noted, the line separating psychological health and psychological illness is hazy, All my joys to this are folly, meandering, and frequently straddled.

    The Time Paradox

  • The distinction between analog and digital representations has (for our purposes) been most perspicuously put by Fred Dretske (Dretske 1981, Ch. 6).

    Nonconceptual Mental Content

  • Certain, when he that pretendeth the science of anything can teach the same; that is to say, demonstrate the truth thereof perspicuously to another: uncertain, when only some particular events answer to his pretence, and upon many occasions prove so as he says they must.


  • Lastly, though I reverence those men of ancient time that either have written truth perspicuously, or set us in a better way to find it out ourselves; yet to the antiquity itself I think nothing due.



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