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  • n. A unit of computing power equal to 1000 (or 1024) teraflops


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From peta- +‎ flop


  • A petaflop is the measure of one thousand trillion operations per second or (ops).

    Supercomputer in China super fast: U.S. computers feel inadequate

  • To be sure, there should be an asterisk after the record, for one quadrillion instructions a second, or a petaflop, is a peak number, achieved while calculating just one problem with the aid of extensive hand tuning.

    On Past a Petaflop - Bits Blog -

  • One petaflop is the equivalent of 1,000 trillion calculations per second.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Roadrunner

  • Roadrunner is the first to top a measure known as a petaflop, meaning that in a single second it can conduct more than one quadrillion of the "floating point" calculations used by scientists.

    Supercomputer Ranking

  • The Oak Ridge lab, a Department of Energy facility, announced Monday that it had upgraded Jaguar since then, and achieved its four-year goal of 1 quadrillion calculations per second - or 1 "petaflop" - six months ahead of schedule.

    Latest Headlines - ABC 7 News

  • For the nongeek readers out there, (brace yourself because this number is going to sail right past you), a petaflop is a quadrillion float-point operations per second.www.

    Autotomous Penes & Endless War

  • The article should not have been called The petaflop challenge, but The open source challenge.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • It was planned to run at sustained speeds of at least a thousand trillion operations a second, a measure known as a petaflop and a standard for speed that had long been sought. Front Page

  • A petaflop is a quadrillion or a million billion operations a second.


  • Currently the US Military's best machines are able to perform a petaflop, which is 1,000 trillion (a quadrillion) calculations per second.



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  • And yet it's hard not to think of this as a kind of hugely failed experiment on a mammoth scale, possibly - as whichbe points out - involving animal rights.

    June 9, 2008

  • "By breaking the petaflop barrier sooner than had been generally expected, the United States’ supercomputer industry has been able to sustain a pace of continuous performance increases, improving a thousandfold in processing power in 11 years. The next thousandfold goal is the exaflop, which is a quintillion calculations per second, followed by the zettaflop, the yottaflop and the xeraflop."

    The New York Times, Military Supercomputer Sets Record, June 9, 2008, by John Markoff

    June 9, 2008

  • A failed animal rights advertisement.

    May 11, 2008

  • a thousand trillion FLoating point Operations Per second

    August 9, 2007