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  • adj. Like a phantom; ghostly.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

phantom +‎ -like


  • It occurs to me that it might be a good idea to call Maggie … to call someone, at any rate—Izzy, or Peter, or even, his name rising phantomlike and unwelcome but rising, incredibly, nonetheless, Con…

    Hollywood Savage

  • Otto had slipped in earlier, unseen, phantomlike, working his director magic backstage.

    Songs of Love & Death

  • Their lives as human beings, who lived and breathed on planet earth, within their very particular social, cultural, and political contexts, can become blurred and phantomlike.

    The Jesus Dynasty

  • Joey had named a fourth conspirator, but not one of the American-investigators ever located the phantomlike Jorge Lopez.

    Every Breath You Take

  • As the days went by the nameless terror grew, dogging his footsteps, phantomlike by day, and haunting him at night, as he lay shaking in his bunk in the double-locked little office.

    The Promise A Tale of the Great Northwest

  • The two figures, although as real as any of those who stood beside me, un-phantomlike as it is possible to be, had a distinct suggestion of -- projection.

    The Moon Pool

  • Confetti tangled in coppery hair, a wilful mouth, fragrantly painted, and phantomlike swans on a black lake.

    The Three Black Pennys A Novel

  • All his old world now seemed as remote, as insubstantial, as phantomlike, as this had seemed.

    The Gray Dawn

  • Were they not travelling in a mirage, mirage people, unreal, phantomlike, who would presently fade away into the spaces of the sun?

    The Garden of Allah

  • Away on the port bow we could see the dusky outline of land, and once, when we were about half-way, an airship soared phantomlike out of the night, poised over us

    World's War Events, Vol. I


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