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  • adv. With regard to the phenotype.


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  • And yes, genetics research has consistently shown that the groups of people that share certain phenotypic traits such that we roughly group them into the major racial categories, also share a lot of non-phenotypically expressed genetic traits.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » 4. On a Bus in Kiev

  • The granularity of groups, defined by phenotypically expressed genetic markers, depends on the markers.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » 4. On a Bus in Kiev

  • Conversely, as Henrique notes, 'It has implications for the definition of biodiversity: some of the' reversed 'flies appears to be phenotypically identical to the ancestral flies, but they are genetically different.

    A Good Saturday Evening Flick

  • We were young and cool; he was genetically and phenotypically not.

    Haroon Moghul: Finding Meaning In The Death Of A Teacher

  • There are many types of genetic mutations beyond point mutations (such as those due to insertion sequences), and populations in the Lenski studies become highly diverse, genetically and phenotypically, over time.

    Assessing Fault

  • Not that much of a stretch: the mare was a proven producer and the stallion was the most highly rated of the breeding-stock evaluations in the year before he was bred to the mare, and they were genetically and phenotypically an excellent match.

    BOOK VIEW CAFE BLOG » Bringing Up Baby Boy: Repost

  • All that makes this population somewhat phenotypically different—and maybe genotypically different.

    The $1,000 Genome

  • Historical white/black categorizations are based on primarily N European and W African populations, for example, and do not reflect the many other Canadian populations that may phenotypically present similarly, but differ considerably in ancestry.

    Vit D Policy Requires Review : Law is Cool

  • I hope it is obvious that Horgan has merely demonstrated that war is sensitive to context, just like any other phenotypically plastic trait.

    David Sloan Wilson: Evolution and War: Back to Basics

  • All the traits that are traditionally considered "nonbehavioral" (morphology, physiology, life history) can evolve to be phenotypically plastic, in addition to behaviors that have always been known to be sensitive to context.

    David Sloan Wilson: Evolution and War: Back to Basics


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