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  • n. A materialistic attitude accompanied by ignorance of artistic or cultural matters


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  • Stardust has been added to the protests by the intervention of Philip Pullman, the novelist and former schoolteacher, whose impassioned speech against the "philistinism" of the proposed closures has circulated widely on the net.

    A Debate Over Books and Sequestered Nooks

  • Although he professed an INTELLECTUAL appreciation for the ideals of the French REVOLUTION, he was shocked by DEMOCRACY in America and propounded a sophisticated snobbery in the guise of an attack on the "philistinism" of the English middle classes.

    Concise Dictionary of Religion

  • With great exasperation and often depression he expressed little hope that his country would ever emerge out of its "philistinism" and embrace "rational" ideas such as he propagated.

    Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt

  • The story no longer affected either of them, and to worry oneself about it was mere "philistinism," a favourite term with

    The Crown of Life

  • In the happy time when the fate of this particular building was still uncertain, with English Heritage describing it as a "spike through the heart of historic London", and most of the public saying they were against very tall buildings, its supporters deftly aligned critics with the Prince Charles school of Toytown philistinism.

    Will no one halt the vandalising of London's skyline? | Catherine Bennett

  • Translator William Radice thinks that Tagore's willingness to tackle the big questions, heart on sleeve, has made him vulnerable to "philistinism or contempt".

    Rabindranath Tagore was a global phenomenon, so why is he so neglected? | Ian Jack

  • But even without a spending pledge, Sarkozy's self-created reputation for vigorous philistinism was, for a long time, a gift to anyone who had ever read a cereal packet.

    Why do we sneer at Sarko for trying to improve himself? | Catherine Bennett

  • I read it yesterday in a matter of hours and found it a little comic gem, but also an astute satire into the roots of philistinism.

    Queens and Curses « Tales from the Reading Room

  • When she was there she told anyone who would listen that they should go to London's art galleries to become freedom fighters against capitalism, consumerism and philistinism.

    The Saturday interview: Vivienne Westwood

  • Each chapter is reflected through the perspective of a different acquaintance of Miles; none knows him well, but each has had a pivotal encounter with him, and several were at the fateful dinner party, which is described in a burlesque set-piece at the novel's centre, sending up middle-class philistinism, complacency and cruelty.

    There but for the, by Ali Smith – review


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  • Overlapping in sense, but not quite synonymous (and in any case, a paronym), is misomusist.

    December 18, 2007