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  • Properly, loving fame or glory; in the extract, loving one's own opinions; dogmatic.

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  • noun A person with an excessive interest in his own opinions.


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From Middle French philodoxe, from Ancient Greek φιλόδοξος (philodoksos, "opinion-loving"), compound of φίλο- (philo, "philo") + δόξα (doksa, "glory; opinion").


  • The artist of reason, or philodox, as Socrates calls him, strives only for speculative knowledge, without looking to see how much the knowledge contributes to the final end of human reason; he gives rules for the use of reason for any sort of end one wishes.



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  • dogmatic person; person fond of opinions, especially their own.

    June 8, 2008

  • "All right, here's one I'll bet you can use: philodox.

    "Fill a what?"

    "Philodox. From the Greek philo-, loving, and doxa, opinion. It means someone in love with their own opinions, a person who's dogmatic, who makes categorical assertions.

    "Now there's a useful word!" Twain exclaimed. "I'll have to add it to my characterization of that pontificating rascal Bret Harte."

    — from Test of Time, by Charles Harrington Elster

    June 9, 2010